15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/1/14

WWE RAW 12/1/14 – Shuffle Booking and Slaps

  1. Santa, be good to me this year.
  2. Seth, John is not bringing back Mom and Dad.
  3. Brock is on that CP training….Couch Potato.
  4. Cena, you need help with Kane? Didn’t you pick up 2 people at Wrestlemania?!
  5. Stunt doubles outshine the star in WWE.
  6. When I say “US”, you say “OH SH*T!”
  7. Miz got the slap of the century.
  8. 143 IQ?!
  9. Naomi came out in her jammies and long socks!
  10. Duck and cover from steel steps.
  11. Shield 2.0? More like low-budget security.
  12. Booking team plays, “Everyday I’m shuffling,” while booking.
  13. It’s TLC, but no rocking chairs allowed.
  14. Paul Heyman is the WWE Champion.
  15. Seth Rollins is running out of protection. The beast is coming.