WWE RAW – 1/19/15 aka RAW’s Best Reunion

  1. Learn gender roles during promos.
  2. Beasts do not have a bias.
  3. Paul Heyman is being real.
  4. Seth Rollins is dismissed…like he will be Sunday.
  5. RAW turned into WCW for 5 split seconds.
  6. Kane is the default person to interfere in matches.
  7. Sandow is just like all old school fans. We wanted to be in the NWO too!
  8. Kevin Nash just made Triple H admit his shameness of the RAW, but not NXT.
  9. We had this hyped by perhaps the 3 greatest. Let’s get this Rumble right!
  10. Ambrose winning is not relevant. He is just relevant period.
  11. The New Day had microphones but no reason or logic whatsoever.
  12. Hey Yo….It’s still epic seeing The Bad Guy.
  13. Ascension, they were in WWE first.
  14. All it took was one finger to vote, “Yes,” and for Sting to get people’s jobs back.