15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/3/14

WWE RAW 11/3/14 – Hit and Run, Feeding Frenzy, Mr McMahon, and No Captain Cena

  1. Hit and Run tactics work best.
  2. Captain Cena gets credit for everything, even WWE RAW when he’s not here.
  3. A punt WILL happen.
  4. So, were we going to play the spot of the mass of humanity between Mark Henry and Big Show for the 5000th time?
  5. Seth Rollins, quit having people help you get yourself together.
  6. If I was Ziggler, I’d ask for the briefcase.
  7. WWE Network is free?! Guys, you gotta pay Brock!
  8. Vince wants to use Survivor Series to undo mass crap…but that’s the Authority.
  9. Sheamus is the poster child for the November free WWE Network.
  10. Vince McMahon shook hands with Dean Ambrose. From one psycho to another.
  11. Triple H knows that Randy Orton has the Survivor Series 4-leaf clover.
  12. Ryback is being fed.
  13. Renee Young knows WWE more than you think.
  14. So, what movie is Orton going to shoot?
  15. The 30 day title defense doesn’t apply to a beast.