15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/24/14

WWE RAW 11/24/14 – Yes, Our Concessions are on Fire without Mulligans

  1. I can drive an 18 wheeler through WWE RAW’s plot holes.
  2. Daniel Bryan is going after Jericho’s troll title.
  3. The WWE Universe has many people who don’t know what a Mulligan is.
  4. Concessions are on fire.
  5. Sting, save the WWE. 4-year storylines have returned.
  6. A fake title gets more reaction than a real one.
  7. Sometimes you have to retire and become agents to be in the main event.
  8. Larry the Cable Guy looks better than some WWE superstars.
  9. AJ channeling her inner CM Punk.
  10. So, Lana didn’t say the whole pledge. WHERE’S THE DAMN BATTLE ROYAL?!
  11. What are they feeding the bunny?
  12. Protein shakes from concessions? Come on, Ryback!
  13. Cena hopes to get cheered by association.
  14. We need Edge to destroy the computer!!!
  15. Michael Cole heel turn?