15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 1/12/15

WWE RAW  – 1/12/15 aka The Seth Rollins Show

  1. Lumberjacks are not relevant, unless they help you win.
  2. Dean Ambrose…clean bill of mental health?!
  3. Ziggler and the crew had to be laid off to pay Lesnar for his two sightings.
  4. Real A+ player stays on top? Well, why do people have multiple title reigns?
  5. Roman Reigns is making the Ultimate Warrior sound sensible in his promos.
  6. OOOOHHH Yeah!!!
  7. Seth, Paul just said he helped with your plan, so you didn’t do it solo.
  8. John plans to turn Superman 3000.
  9. Clean bill of health does not equal Lunatic Fringe.
  10. Alicia Fox won a bet on Total Divas Season 4. Wait for it to air.
  11. Brock is truly the past and present, Seth. He was here a decade ago.
  12. Seth was on the nice list, got a 4 leaf clover, and the whole 9 yards.
  13. Curb stomp Superman and the highest paid star = loss at Royal Rumble.
  14. Once again, J&J Security got close to the title.
  15. Daniel Bryan knows we would love a repeat…just no injuries.