15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/17/14

WWE RAW 11/17/14 –  Cena Finds His Superfriends and Cosplay.

  1. Ryback says that he NEVER eats at the kid table.
  2. Michael Cole says that if anyone missed the first two hours they missed some hype action. Even the cat fell asleep.
  3. Careful folks, Vince can say that John Cena would have to beat all of the team himself…and it will happen.
  4. There’s so much lack of relevance on the midcard titles that I had to look to make sure that Sheamus wasn’t still the US Champ.
  5. Survivor Series got a go-home show that made me think that no one cared since it’s free.
  6. Well, we all KNOW how AJ vs Nikki is going to end. The cosplay even won the match!
  7. Miz, we like your stunt double more.
  8. Big E in jeans and a t-shirt with a church choir? Come as you are, indeed.
  9. Search the internet, Lana. We have the technology.
  10. Is the bunny really a bunny, or a guy dressed as a bunny?
  11. Cena, the jokes are still annoying. 9 guys about to peel your face back and you got jokes.
  12. Stephanie slaps Cena and we get a standoff? Where’s the attitude?!
  13. Cesaro, Chris Jericho owns the troll hat. It’s not funny when we stopped caring about you after WM30.
  14. So, the Survivor Series match is 9 guys that got beat by John Cena.
  15. Folks, after Triple H’s promo, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He’s a good guy. But wait, they’re the heels, why this mofo about to cry in his promo?!

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