15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/10/14

15 Things Learned from the 11/10/14 episode of WWE RAW. Teams, feeding frenzy, and a Goku sighting?!

  1. Creative writer bites the dust.
  2. Team Cena – where you’re greeted by hearty handshakes and a weird disposition.
  3. Team Authority – where you’re greeted by a monster in a suit.
  4. There wasn’t enough fabric to make Mark Henry’s suit.
  5. Why was Alicia Fox looking like she wanted to do a Kamehameha Wave?
  6. The Bunny is hopping in too many places.
  7. Mizswoggle?
  8. The Big Guy doesn’t care about Survivor Series. There’s no food.
  9. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper are running amok to confuse the masses.
  10. So, does a stunt double do botches?
  11. A New Day….gospel style?
  12. The “WWE Power Series: Triple H”  will give you the ability to grow a huge nose and wear tight suits.
  13. London wants their network…but even those who have the network don’t want it.
  14. Last week’s episode of WWE RAW is NOT on the WWE Network.
  15. Hannibal, eat your heart out.