15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/27/14

WWE RAW 10/27/14 – Blabbing about the Future

  1. Ryback is hungry again.
  2. Stephanie, I want my $9.99 back since we won’t see Lesnar next month either.
  3. Seth Rollins is the little boy who takes credit for everything his friends do.
  4. Don’t tag Mark Henry.
  5. Kane is the permanent outside interference of The Authority.
  6. The Authority always wins? What happened when the Shield faced Evolution?
  7. Paige likes no one. AJ likes no one…wonder if they like each other.
  8. Bray, you’ve heard the rules of the jungle. Run.
  9. Sandow makes the Miz tolerable.
  10. Randy Orton is going to prove the pop culture references true
  11. The brawl at the end was for everyone who is NOT going to be on Team Cena.
  12. We need the Chicago crowd to really have anti-Cena chants.
  13. So, according to Stephanie, a 15-time WWE champion will not be remembered. Wow, so did we forget Triple H already?
  14. No we didn’t. His nose is EVERYWHERE!
  15. Brie lost a backstage bet.