15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/20/14

WWE RAW 10/20/14 – Go Home or Go to Hell

  1. Seth Rollins believes he can go into business for himself since he has a yellow briefcase.
  2. Every RKO will be ‘out of nowhere’ going forward.
  3. The budget is improving. They lowered the cell on a Monday!
  4. Two insane guys with a cage above them makes great TV.
  5. All relationships are acknowledged…unless you’re ________ and Nikki Bella.
  6. Orton, between you and Cena, I believe you do have the better pedigree….considering how many times you’ve caught it.
  7. Mizdow won a match?! If he does it again, I’m changing his name.
  8. We all know the next PPV will have ‘Hell’ in the title. It was used 75882383529058325832905 times tonight.
  9. Snake don’t make good pets.
  10. So, Brock Lesnar IS the Undertaker.
  11. The Miz loses even when he wins.
  12. Rollins should’ve changed his comment to, “I run AWAY from things around here.
  13. The viper is slowly biting everyone.
  14. All this talk about cosmic keys, I’m thinking Gold and StarDust wanted to be astronauts in their past lives.
  15. Instead of a go-home show for a PPV, we went to Hell..and you can also this Sunday for $9.99!!