15 Things I Learned from WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

WWE PG Cage Cluster….well you know the word.

  1. The time before the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins match was more interesting than the entire PPV.
  2. Fellas, Mick Foley went from the TOP, not the SIDE!
  3. I wonder how Sandow will do with an injury that causes Miz to bleed.
  4. Sandow is gold. Simple and plain.
  5. Become an agent when you can’t get over as a wrestler.
  6. Ziggler and Cesaro was told to actually wrestle, since no one else on the card was going to.
  7. Big Show’s submission hold will be called ShowTime.
  8. When you’re not involved in the match, stay away!!
  9. We’re not following buzzards anymore.
  10. Seth is always running.
  11. So, we had a match that will make the Bellas be together?
  12. The cell does not stop outside interference.
  13. Walking Dead…Bray Wyatt is a fan.
  14. I will continue to say that Lana is Flussian.
  15. AJ is rocking shirts that remind you of he, who must not be named.