WWE PG Cage Cluster….well you know the word.

  1. The time before the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins match was more interesting than the entire PPV.
  2. Fellas, Mick Foley went from the TOP, not the SIDE!
  3. I wonder how Sandow will do with an injury that causes Miz to bleed.
  4. Sandow is gold. Simple and plain.
  5. Become an agent when you can’t get over as a wrestler.
  6. Ziggler and Cesaro was told to actually wrestle, since no one else on the card was going to.
  7. Big Show’s submission hold will be called¬†ShowTime.
  8. When you’re not involved in the match, stay away!!
  9. We’re not following buzzards anymore.
  10. Seth is always running.
  11. So, we had a match that will make the Bellas be together?
  12. The cell does not stop outside interference.
  13. Walking Dead…Bray Wyatt is a fan.
  14. I will continue to say that Lana is Flussian.
  15. AJ is rocking shirts that remind you of he, who must not be named.