15 Things Learned from WWE Battleground 2016

WWE Battleground 2016 – How You doin?
With this PPV in the books, WWE hopes to reshape the brand, make 2 shows fresh, and build Summerslam. So, did they do it? You tell me!

  1. Wellness policy is fair game..How you doin?
  2. Don’t get hype. Stay Hype..How you doin?
  3. Don’t look anyone in the eye while eating a banana..How you doin?
  4. John Cena not saying a word turned out ok..How you doin?
  5. Ellen and soccer moms got credit in the same night..How you doin?
  6. Finally, Nattie out of the doghouse..How you doin?
  7. Hugs are boss..How you doin?
  8. Vipers are viscous..How you doin?
  9. Darren Young went full Bob Backlund..How you doin?
  10. Orton firing shots like he don’t have one more heart left in the Legend of Zelda..How you doin?
  11. Enzo doing certified dodges..How you doin?
  12. Mojo…don’t screw with Ryder’s new mojo..How you doin?
  13. Randy proves to everyone that he owns pants..How you doin?
  14. I had a world tour, caught two Pokemon. and it was more entertaining than Miz’s IC World Tour..How you doin?
  15. Raw gets the big gold, and Cena wins both by Mania..How you doin?

By the way, my booking skills were lackluster after the time away. I’ll get it back!

Booking results: 4 out of 9 matches called successfully.