15 Things Learned from Scandal 6×15 and 6/16

Scandal 6×15 and 6×16 – Tick Tock / Transfer of Power

Subtitle: Point the Finger

  1. Let’s shake off some rust.
  2. Good Mama will always protect her child.
  3. Trust your gut. Olivia has always told you.
  4. So, we had a woman, as well as a Latina at the helm. Makes our situation look awkward.
  5. Next time, move that bubble head, Liv.
  6. She never made it out of that red box.
  7. Luna got some stale Mentos to take!
  8. We need Comey to sift through this mess!
  9. Do not rescind an Executive Order, unless you’re Trump.
  10. Cyrus….Cyrus…Cyrus.
  11. So, what up with Jake? He just sits and watch the body count go up.
  12. We got a female President in this world. We’ll take it.
  13. You can’t take Command. Command takes you.
  14. Fitz, run.
  15. Keep your finger pointed. Usually, you’re right.