15 Things Learned from Scandal – 4/28/16

Scandal 5×20 – Buckle Up

  1. Congrats, Fitz. You’re President.
  2. Abby, quit trying to make people your bitch.
  3. Rosen, put the white hat back on!
  4. Can Susan run for President in real life?!
  5. Olivia, you ain’t gladiatin’.
  6. This is the moment Huck needs to tell his kill count. Huck’s kill count to 1.
  7. There’s hope. There’s always hope.
  8. Michael sippin on that Lemonade. He needs some hot sauce in his bag.
  9. It’s all about that dark horse!
  10. Back to SVU.
  11. Cyrus has upgraded.
  12. Airplane fighting like Battleship!
  13. Hollis trumpin this election!
  14. Murder hangover cure. Eat, exercise, sleep.
  15. The most dangerous man knows Defiance.