15 Things Learned from Scandal – 4/21/16

Scandal 5×18 – Till Death Do Us Part…Command Gets His Wedding

  1. And they say women do NOT have powah!
  2. I wonder do people get fed through the hole.
  3. So, Charlie, you have always been the yes man…even to Quinn.
  4. Now, Dads, this does not give you the right to use the line.
  5. No one takes Command…with hair.
  6. There’s always an objective.
  7. It’s sad, but at the end of the day, you’re somebody’s….well, you know.
  8. Get hitched, become VP candidate. That shit better work June 25th!
  9. Olivia, remember, Command has been to a wedding before.
  10. True love…and desire will always win.
  11. All we need is Dwayne Wayne.
  12. Command-1, weddings-1. When will we see the tie breaker?
  13. When in doubt, there’s always a home to go to.
  14. Go back and shoot that deadbeat! Seriously, LosEvolution.com does not promote violence.
  15. This is pure satire.