15 Things Learned from Scandal – 3/17/16

Scandal 5×14 – I see You

  1. NSA spies on you, not the other way around.
  2. Go with the wonderful person.
  3. If he’s Harold, my name is Mark.
  4. Hollis, Susan don’t want you.
  5. Be the better person or be the big dog. Your choice.
  6. Gotcha, bitch. Quote by @rebelbelledani
  7. Hollis Dole…Donald Trump.
  8. Susan Ross….Hilary Clinton.
  9. Mellie Grant…Bernie Sanders.
  10. Francisco Vargas…Marco Rubio.
  11. Red ain’t playing games.
  12. When there’s a job, don’t get fired. Especially twice!
  13. Inner Circle…meet Abby.
  14. Consistency – the enemy of being anonymous.
  15. Olivia. You’re now Jake Season 1. Bout time you caught up!