15 Things Learned from Scandal – 3/10/16

Scandal 5×13 – The Fish Rots from the Head

  1. Here’s my damn opener.
  2. Quinn pulling a Bad Boys 2 moment. “This is what we do.”
  3. There’s so many getting ‘Jaked’ right now, but they’re not saying stop!
  4. Take the nice one…always take the nice one.
  5. White House…but no black chicks though.
  6. The Secret Service is the cover up for cover ups.
  7. These Republicans aren’t half bad….
  8. You don’t trail the NSA. The NSA trails you.
  9. Jake’s flipping so many off this season.
  10. So, we’re tossing morality lessons?
  11. Like em when they’re available.
  12. Rosen, be careful. You must haven’t looked at Liz North’s back injury.
  13. Rosen, be careful. Do you remember Susan’s last husband? Neither do we.
  14. Ballard for President?!
  15. B613 is going to be P1600A. Think about it.