15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 2/5/15

Scandal 4×11 – Where’s the Black Lady aka The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships

  1. Olivia leaving all the trails. Follow.
  2. Women DO make the world go round….or go to war.
  3. Become the President by taking his chick.
  4. Achievement Unlocked – Be a Boss 1000GP.
  5. Huck will destroy West Angolia himself to get Olivia.
  6. Gotta pick the side that won’t pick your pocket.
  7. Where’s that hot comb that Olivia used?!
  8. Establish dominance and relevance.
  9. When in doubt, find the HNIC.
  10. Where’s Command?! Tom’s ok, but he can’t bust those monologues.
  11. So, the people who I pay tell me what to do?! It’s called layoffs, Fitz.
  12. Babysitters are bosses. Families plan days and getaways around them.
  13. You can grate a block of cheese on Liz North’s back.
  14. Olivia’s bedroom..no cameras, no pictures…just action and planning.
  15. Who will stop babysitting?