15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 11/6/14

Scandal 4×07 – Baby Made a Mess aka Irrelevancy, White Hats, and Hope

  1. How many of us are playing with kids when we are online gaming?
  2. Get em hot and hang up the phone. Watch that doorbell!
  3. Hope will make plenty of things happen.
  4. Leo hasn’t learned from last season…or has he?
  5. Red can play Yahtzee too.
  6. Remember folks, Command doesn’t send someone in to shank, he aims for the jugular.
  7. Do NOT bite the hand that feeds you.
  8. Swim in it and you start to stink, but if you’re Cyrus, you swim OUT!
  9. Baby Huck is learning.
  10. The secret room will blow up this season.
  11. Olivia is her father’s daughter.
  12. Huck knows better. Always encrypt IPs when playing games.
  13. So, the Senator who took a dump was just a precursor.
  14. 1 shot = a kiss. 2 shots = fondling. 3? Well, take it from there.
  15. Don’t get cocky because you’re in the Business School.