15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 11/20/14

Scandal 4×09 – Where the Sun Don’t Shine…there is no subtitle.

  1. Kevin Spacey wants a word with Fitz with this Cards concept.
  2. Charlie, pull the trigger, not the TRIGGER.
  3. Olivia Pope…you are slowly transforming to Command.
  4. Maya Pope is the straightest of straight shooters.
  5. Mellie has the jugular, Elizabeth.
  6. David, stay off the record with Abb….err Red.
  7. “Bitch baby” is going to replace “fuck boy.”
  8. B613 is everywhere…..
  9. Jake, you have tendencies, but you are NOT COMMAND!!
  10. The sun isn’t coming up anytime soon…too many bullets.
  11. Taken: The Scandal, starring Liam Neeson.
  12. Andrew is playing with more than fire, more like playing with the Devil.
  13. Spilled wine is NEVER a good scene.
  14. Tough love brings out the best in everyone.
  15. If you force your calendars, it will NOT make ABC put Scandal on tomorrow. Be patient…somehow.

Ok, folks, my jaw dropped twice! How many for you guys?!