Scandal Episode 4×08 – The Last Supper aka Love Triangles, Dirty Kills, and Command Takes a Walk.

  1. Titles are everything, Fitz. Get in line.
  2. Jake, you may stand in the sun, but Fitz has superpowers.
  3. Read your own book after publishing, Cyrus.
  4. Anger breeds sex….and death.
  5. Quinn needs some Huck-citement.
  6. All it takes is a daughter’s tears and daddy comes running.
  7. Mellie wants excitement….and some lovin.
  8. Javi is learning the rules of the game, but doesn’t want to play.
  9. Huck is losing his tough. That kill wasn’t subtle.
  10. A father always knows.
  11. Jake screwed this up and he wasn’t even behind the trigger. If he didn’t get the files from Rosen, they wouldn’t be blank.
  12. So many white/black hats. So many white/black hats.
  13. When someone tells you all they sacrificed for you, you are about to be left hanging.
  14. B613 was written in Invincible Ink. Someone forgot to say, “Aparecium”