15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/30/14

Scandal 4×06 – An Innocent Man, aka Go Go Command, Suckers, Back Doors, and Hope

  1. Politics are truly a sh*tty circle.
  2. One day, Olivia is going to get her head pushed under the water when she comes up.
  3. Women…run..the…world. Not even Command has that power.
  4. Abby wants in the bubble.
  5. All we need is a little hope…and some scotch.
  6. It is sick when someone wants to associate with Oswald.
  7. Olivia is a sucker for monologue.
  8. Rosen, don’t gloat. Everybody gets one.
  9. Cyrus…look at your backdoor.
  10. Gabby….Red…Abby, you’re always a Gladiator.
  11. Huck is the guy that every dad needs to be when the chick says he can’t see his child.
  12. Falcon went to the nest, but he’s not nesting any time soon.
  13. Don’t be swayed by anyone. Always maintain focus.
  14. We need to stop making Command sound like Power Ranger powers. You can’t take the power…the power takes you.
  15. Olivia Pope is behind the Twitter hashtags.