15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/23/14

Scandal Episode 4×05 – The Key, also known as Fitz Punch Out, Clean Mellie, and Liv Gets Booted

  1. The truth isn’t believed unless it’s yelled.
  2. The Mellie from Season 1 is gone. Next week, we’ll have clean Mellie.
  3. Gift wrapping is not one of Huck’s 1,000,040,392,940,932,040,320 talents.
  4. Fitz, there’s a ring on your finger and you’re using that fist to hit the ringless man.
  5. Red will always be in the dark.
  6. No scotch is that strong to say a child’s death has meaning.
  7. Fitz is really pissed about a son who really isn’t his.
  8. So, Jake was on an island banging a chick, while at the same time, giving orders to kill people from a remote island that probably doesn’t exist on maps. Damn, wish I was Jake.
  9. Quinn can pass as a mortician…among other things.
  10. Abby, Rosen was done before he looked at the files.
  11. In this case for Jake, I would understand Cyrus hitting him.
  12. How many times do people need to be told that Command is a snake?
  13. Harrison got more mention in two episodes than he did in the last 6 of the previous season.
  14. Quinn is the only one being a gladiator this season.
  15. So, if the boss’s wife comes at you about your job, you listen to her instead of the man who signs the check?