15 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 2/13/15

Impact Wrestling 2/13/15 – Jeff Hardy is Batman and The Revolution is Better than The Undertaker?!

  1. Jeff Hardy can fly everywhere…in a ring…in the US.
  2. BDC crew got outfits?! Where’s that budget?
  3. Push Al Snow….sorry, my Attitude Era persona kicked in.
  4. Magnus lost his passport. That’s why he didn’t show.
  5. James Storm, Undertaker is 50 going on 60, so we can stop picking on him.
  6. We’ll see Jeff Hardy again when Impact gets back to the states.
  7. Kurt opening the show like he’s still over wrestling ops.
  8. Anderson, hope you laid off the beers.
  9. JB is wrestling!!!!
  10. EC3 hasn’t wrestled anyone to a credible finish since his debut.
  11. People do NOT believe in accidents.
  12. Awesome Kong is more ready for Brock Lesnar.
  13. Returns=blackouts.
  14. Lashley doesn’t like getting hit, Kurt.
  15. Mr. Anderson is challenging for the Troll of the Year award.