WWE RAW – Grim Reaper, Beasts, and Supermen.

  1. Get ready for the return of Super Cena.
  2. Grim Reaper? Get him a scythe!
  3. Keep out the beast! That was the motto.
  4. If we could’ve had everyone beaten up and knocked out with Lesnar/Taker duking it out, it would’ve been a classic.
  5. Heyman=Gold.
  6. We all know Rollins is sorry as champion, but he still got the fans to boo Cena.
  7. So, anyone but Roman could’ve got the Wyatt push?!
  8. Missed Lesnar/Rollins? Watch Big Show/Miz. It’s just less crowd noise.
  9. So, Taker shaved that body hair from last night.
  10. Sorry, no one believed that Brie could outwrestle Charlotte.
  11. People who use the Spear…take notes.
  12. That’s half the locker room. Some must’ve protested for TV time.
  13. Two Divas matches?! Christmas IS in July.
  14. Randy Orton should’ve done Rusev’s taunt before that RKO.
  15. I’m so surprised that Seth didn’t say he beat Lesnar.