15 Things Learned from Scandal – Season 5

Scandal Season 5 – Fitz Lost Vermont

  1. If you come close to getting hitched, get hitched.
  2. Vermont is apparently overrated.
  3. Lazarus One…We still don’t know what Operation Remington is.
  4. Go after the one with the googly eyes for you! The eyes never change!
  5. Fitz gave daughter and father a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Think on that.
  6. You still cannot take Command.
  7. So, we’re not going to tell him about the abortion?
  8. Fitz, should’ve stayed with Mellie. She can stay standing for hours.
  9. Jake is hurt and broken. All he wants is a home.
  10. Too soon for that Royal Family case.
  11. Re-gifting happens. Don’t criticize when you do it during Christmas.
  12. Olivia don’t want no stinkin’ jam.
  13. Dog Whistle Politics. The answer is no longer 12.
  14. Your season cliffhanger got Pope’d.
  15. To all my readers when they didn’t see a list for the final episode. A message.


Until February, Gladiators.