15 Things Learned from Scandal – 9/24/15

Scandal – 5×01 – Heavy is the Head.

Subtitle – I See You, Sir.

  1. That secret is that superpower.
  2. The word, “hi,” has new meaning.
  3. I just finished watching Law & Order SVU before this episode.
  4. Huckleberry hurt his Quinn.
  5. I wish I took pictures.
  6. So, the actors who got that kind of money handed to them…was it hard to get it back?
  7. Hustle and Flow, eat your heart out.
  8. Fitz going all the way with these new beginnings.
  9. Olivia lost that Season 1 fixer.
  10. Sometimes, we just need to be fixed on the inside.
  11. Elizabeth North is not playing with her position.
  12. Cyrus is not playing with his retirement.
  13. Everyone wants Vermont, but who’s ready for it?
  14. Can we just post that Sally killed her husband and be done with it?
  15. Fitz & Olivia, y’all got ‘Poped’. And this time, it’s PERSONAL!