15 Things Learned from Scandal – 2/11/16

Scandal 5×10 – It’s Hard Out Here for a General

Subtitle: I’m Back, B*tches!!!

  1. Sally, it’s Black Ops season, not Modern Warfare!
  2. All a general wants is his troops to return home.
  3. Spank her with the gloves! It’s winter!
  4. Open doors for Huck!
  5. Abby, you’re Olivia. You’re just not feeling the SuperPower.
  6. Admiral Rogers, please know this is pure satire. I ask to not be tracked.
  7. Colors=Freedom.
  8. It’s deadly to play both side of the fence.
  9. Mellie wrote the manifesto!
  10. Love is still blinding.
  11. So, for Olivia, it’s routine. Wham, bam, lock up.
  12. All roads still lead to Fitz.
  13. Snitches still get stitches.
  14. B-613 is now B-2. It’s still effective.
  15. Jake blew the whistle and now he owns the whistle.