15 Things Learned from Scandal – 11/12/15

15 Things Learned from Scandal – 11/12/15 “Rasputin”


  1. All roads lead to Fitz.
  2. Nerd romance is the best kind.
  3. Speak softly and hump in the closet.
  4. All are jealous of Liv’s closet.
  5. Jake is free.
  6. All we wanna be is free.
  7. That white hat needs to be retired.
  8. Lazarus One? Money’s on Huck.
  9. Susan…the only honest one.
  10. Quinn, sometime things need to be slow.
  11. The Door of Huck has been opened.
  12. History and common sense.
  13. 47 minutes and we get no audio. Lip reading skills were in full effect tonight.
  14. B613….More like A502 is in effect.
  15. That white hat so dingy now!