15 Things Learned from Scandal – 10/15/15

Scandal 5×04 – Dog-Whistle Politics

Subtitle: Olivia is Exposed

  1. Huck, fix the internet.
  2. You can’t cage Command. Command cages you.
  3. Jake is truly lost.
  4. OPA should have hounds of clients after this scandal.
  5. How fitting is ‘Dog Whistle Politics’, when Fitz hears Olivia’s whistle. Maybe the other way around.
  6. So many were on PornHub looking for that Olitz porn.
  7. Harrison, your influence is noted.
  8. Everyone wants to be a gladiator in a suit.
  9. Huck gets yelled at less.
  10. Surveillance equipment is so overrated.
  11. Jake, I don’t know if Olivia would approve of your ex-wife.
  12. Have we not confirmed whose child Teddy is?
  13. Just do the right thing and take her out.
  14. Olivia, you now have a title.
  15. Supposedly, Mellie had people murdered for senate, banged the VP, had a child from the father of her husband (raped yes, but still hidden), and now wants to impeach her hubby. All fitz wants to do is take his girlfriend out.