15 Things Learned from Scandal – 10/1/15

Scandal 5×02 – Yes

Subtitle: Be The Adult

  1. Adults do not like doing what they’re told.
  2. How does the firm get business?!
  3. Cyrus understands the circle.
  4. The enemy of my enemy of my enemy….is still an enemy.
  5. Just go to work. It somewhat makes sense.
  6. There’s a Quinn for every Huckeberry in the world.
  7. Huck was about to do some erasing of life.
  8. Quinn wants to beat people up.
  9. There’s a new violation. DWK. Driving with Kernels.
  10. Someone has to be the adult in the situation. When in doubt, be the adult.
  11. Mellie, you had one job….one job!
  12. The light isn’t sometimes ready for the truth.
  13. Fitz, you had one job….one job!
  14. Olivia, you had one job….one job!
  15. Yes, you can say no.