15 Things Learned From Royal Rumble 2020

Live from Houston, TX, the Royal Rumble had a lot of interesting heroes, port a potty’s, a beast, Kitana from Mortal Kombat, and R-Truth. Then there’s Otis. So, what did we learn, aside from the fact we are all Edge-heads?!

  1. Have friends that are also your nationality of a friend like Otis.
  2. No one said that you couldn’t jump out the ring for breaks.
  3. Use the Port-a-Potty beforehand. It brings humor.
  4. NXT is the Royal Rumble filler.
  5. Santino lasted longer as a female in the Royal Rumble.
  6. Dana Brooke wants that Batista Bomb.
  7. Naomi offers tutoring for survival. Payment is by cash, check, or glow sticks.
  8. To be a heel, look like someone hit your dog. Bayley 101.
  9. No more red for The Fiend. We lost the budget.
  10. Daniel Bryan’s HBK training shines through every time.
  11. Kofi needed poetic justice. Lasting that long in the rumble is not enough.
  12. Edge!!!! That’s all.
  13. Seriously though, how does a man 9 years off look better than some of these other guys?!
  14. Everyone deserved their spot. So, how did Rusev and Lashley get replaced?
  15. If you are the Chosen One, your time will come, even if you get fired.