15 Things Learned from Empire – 9/30/15

Empire 2×02 – Without a Country

Subtitle – Lyon’s Fire

  1. Luda getting revenge from Hustle and Flow.
  2. Rainbow Sensation…Hakeem, you’ve been talking to your bro a bit too much.
  3. Album leaks aren’t good after all.
  4. Where that flower came from, Cookie?!
  5. You know I know it.
  6. When you acting and want to get some truth, look at the damn camera!
  7. No lie, Empire still owning the music.
  8. A degree is a degree, no matter where it comes from.
  9. One session in jail killed over half of the music created in 2015.
  10. We got the new Drip Drop!!!
  11. Luda, Terrence Howard gets you beat up.
  12. This whole series relates to people wanting to be snitching ass bitches.
  13. Yes, judge, we’ve seen enough too.
  14. That’s how you do tracks in jail!
  15. To the Empire!