15 Things Learned from Empire – 8/24/15

Empire 2×01 – The Devils are Here.

Subtitle – Game On

  1. Don’t try so hard when trying to win.
  2. Without Lucious, lions turning into gorillas.
  3. Hakeem still talks out of turn…but still getting those sloppy seconds and now thirds.
  4. Take $250 million, run a record company? These folks made this ish seem easy.
  5. Boo Boo tossed out the kitty and it failed.
  6. Regardless of the tree, the apple doesn’t fall far.
  7. I think it sums it up that Lucious gets off.
  8. Have a plan B for a hostile takeover.
  9. Did Hakeem seriously pull, “I’m telling Mom?” Boy, you humping your former stepmom.
  10. Andre, tighten up. Everyone killed or almost killed someone last season.
  11. If business is not your passion, it will fluster.
  12. So, where the body at?
  13. How to be a villain: Eat people and send roses.
  14. Game Time, bitches.
  15. At the end of the day, y’all were scared of Chris Rock.

To many fans, if you got items to add to the list, definitely