15 Things Learned from Empire – 11/4/15

Empire 2×06 – A High Hope For A Low Heaven/Watch Yo Cookies

  1. Y’all know we waited a week or so for new music?
  2. No one cares about your name when cuffed and blind.
  3. Becky said she gonna change that Plies song tonight.
  4. Hakeem, you didn’t inherit the ‘trigger pulling’ gene.
  5. Wolves come in sheep’s clothing.
  6. Don’t confuse the two positions of, ‘in charge,’ and ‘in place.’
  7. When that right leg wrap around you, it’s a wrap.
  8. Lay your track and stay focused.
  9. Artists are at their best when angry..or a girl believes in them.
  10. Anika, you a jumpoff.
  11. Always lay down the boom….or the bang.
  12. All this time behind bars and on the streets, Cookie can’t sense a wolf.
  13. Episode 2×02, people. You ain’t nothing but a snitch bitch.
  14. Check the back for tattoos.
  15. Cookie, you don’t have any streets.