15 Things Learned from Empire – 10/7/15

Empire 2×03 – Fires of Heaven

Subtitle: Poaching Lyons

  1. Pimp Named Slickback in real life.
  2. So, who gonna sign with Empire next week?
  3. Where’s the money from Lyon Dynasty coming from?
  4. Hakeem, Anika gonna get you.
  5. Go past your producer for superstar status.
  6. Save the ghetto? Nah I’m good.
  7. Poaching is a real thing.
  8. Cookie is about that cookie.
  9. Push ups in heels?!
  10. Prison teaching the Lyon family everything!
  11. To the Empire.
  12. Little baby lion cub got his Nala taken.
  13. Mufasa still roars.
  14. Hopefully Lucious don’t be spiteful and hit poor Valentina just to…well, there’s a 80% chance.
  15. Mental health issues are real and the people with them are real. Period.