15 Things Learned from Empire – 10/21/15

Empire 2×05 – Be True

Status Quo

  1. Guess he really was a starving artist.
  2. It really isn’t what it looks like, Michael.
  3. Lucious wanted to say, “To the Empire”, so bad!
  4. Mexicans?
  5. Season 1 is unraveled.
  6. Lucious cannot be Dr. Phil for relationships.
  7. Don’t interrupt anyone’s spiritual journey.
  8. I think the girl group’s real boyfriends came after Hakeem.
  9. All that running, pushups, and talking, but you couldn’t strap none when it counted.
  10. All the snitching going on, of course we can’t shoot anyone.
  11. Not only did Thirsty forget Anika, but we did too.
  12. Laz gon take those cookies!
  13. This Rhonda chick is not knocked up.
  14. World Series ends on November 4th.
  15. Put the rest of the season on Netflix!