15 Things I Learned from Empire – 2/4/15

Empire 1×05 – Dangerous Minds aka Side Chicks, Anthony Hamilton, and Roses

  1. Guarantee someone out there had to Google Anthony Hamilton.
  2. Hakeem has a shadow so large that it’d scare the groundhog.
  3. Bullet holes? Suge Knight’s studio?!
  4. Sounds like Dre gotta put that work in to get that work.
  5. I’m not buying red roses.
  6. Snitches get stitches eventually.
  7. Cookie wants the milk too!
  8. Green screens are fake for a reason!
  9. Tiana got that white chocolate?!
  10. Choices of sexuality doesn’t make you soft.
  11. Don’t play the game if you hate getting played.
  12. So, when Hakeem CD coming out so these low-budget clubs can bump that track?
  13. Parents will do anything for their children.
  14. If it ain’t about the money….
  15. Can’t be clean if you don’t wanna be stay clean.