15 Things I Learned from Empire – 2/18/15

Empire 1×07 – Our Dancing Days aka Cookie Gets Empired

  1. If my brother’s friends tried to kill me, wouldn’t I be offended too?
  2. At the end of the day, it’s the one who makes you look good.
  3. Jamal got that celebrity hit. Child out of nowhere and mommy gone.
  4. Hustle and Flow came full circle.
  5. Bipolar or childhood temper?
  6. Sorry, but I 10000% disagree with the Anika/Halle Berry reference.
  7. Anika, Cookie got this family concept down.
  8. That security guard gonna be constantly working and working.
  9. Teleprompters suck.
  10. Raven Symone had a ‘Oh snap,’ moment. That’s why we didn’t see her.
  11. Empire is going to be #1 on Billboard charts.
  12. Hakeem! That’s Naomi……fucking……Campbell!!!! Tiana is not even worth the game. Hell, the game ain’t worth the game.
  13. Alcohol makes you give up the cookie.
  14. Anika, apparently Cookie was disturbing some pearls tonight!
  15. Silent revenge….or was Anita turned on?