15 Things I Learned from Empire – 2/11/15

Empire 1×06 – Out, Damned Spot aka Drugs, Daddy, and Cookie

  1. Cookie hasn’t learned to stop throwing her cookie.
  2. Yes, America, that’s an ass.
  3. Jamal is losing himself in the music.
  4. It takes only one stroke and out pops a kid.
  5. Sway, you got swayed.
  6. Michael just got taken to celebrity school.
  7. Security gonna secure that cookie!
  8. You can’t buy loyalty like Vernon.
  9. Money makes the world go round.
  10. Bipolar will get you killed.
  11. Even when you fall off, you can get back up. Just don’t fake it.
  12. Players don’t like being played.
  13. Phase II does not equal complete.
  14. Don’t forget who was the bottom once you get to the top.
  15. I just copped that album. Did you?