15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 6/11/15

WWE Smackdown 6/11/15

Subtitle: Rinse and Repeat.

  1. I think Dean actually left the title. Brock did.
  2. Seth, what happens in New Orleans….
  3. Kofi was pissed by the fist he caught Monday.
  4. Dean just revealed that Smackdown is taped!
  5. Miz, your imitations even suck.
  6. Barrett really got clocked.
  7. Rolling is tight, huh, Seth?
  8. When Ryback picks you up…hope for short elevation.
  9. I have now forgotten that Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion.
  10. Put R-Truth on TV all the time.
  11. Rusev got more crutches.
  12. Let’s get all the signature moves in. A practice run for Sunday.
  13. I’m so defeated that there wasn’t a 3-D sighting.
  14. Air Neville!!!
  15. The writers ran out of material and I nearly did.