15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 5/7/15

WWE Smackdown 5/7/15

One for the Good Guys

  1. Barrett, you’re right. The King is not your equal.
  2. Heel turn means hit harder and have a mohawk.
  3. Like seriously?! New Day winning.
  4. 2 out of 3? Bray, hope you’re watching the reunion.
  5. NXT is taking over RAW AND Smackdown!
  6. Dolph continues to channel his inner HBK.
  7. Emma still hasn’t recovered from being fired and rehired.
  8. Tamina, you still haven’t had an impact.
  9. Seth, Kane handed you the briefcase. Do NOT forget.
  10. Lana, everything angers Rusev.
  11. Lana, the only recent WWE Diva whose movie will see the theaters.
  12. Dean read the spoilers.
  13. The delay for Daniel Bryan is obvious.
  14. El Torito’s singles run is coming!
  15. And the botch free Sin Cara is now done…or was that Kalisto?