15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 5/28/15

WWE Smackdown 5/28/15

Subtitle: Go Home or Recap RAW

  1. From the jail cell to a title? Only Dean Ambrose could pull that off.
  2. The Miranda Rights were LITERALLY read.
  3. This is why we have wrestling boots.
  4. I still have to figure out which two of the New Day will be locked in.
  5. What about R-Truth’s NWA title reign?
  6. Audible for steel turnbuckle outside of the ring? What happened to chairs?
  7. Tamina wants to say something…or be relevant.
  8. Paige needs a partner. Everyone else has one.
  9. All champs feel like 3rd wheels, except Cena.
  10. Tweetle Dum and Tweetle Dee…oh my bad. J&J Security.
  11. Kofi got knocked down like a bird hitting a glass building.
  12. So, everyone who wins King of the Ring has a King gimmick going forward?
  13. Sheamus, I am not entertained.
  14. Xavier Woods is that guy who doesn’t want to work on the group project, but gets all the credit.
  15. This is like under utilized labor. Where’s the Ascension? It could’ve been anyone aside from Ambrose/Reigns vs Authority #29040910924910940021.