15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 3/5/15

WWE Smackdown 3/5/15 – Still Slow Burnin’

  1. ALWAYS get your rematch…or you will become Christian aka ‘One More Match.’
  2. I wonder if the Swiss Kidd will get shredded after that Twitter hack.
  3. The Authority runs in matches more than the Beat Down Clan from TNA.
  4. Wait, the Bellas are a standard? They must not have been watching NXT lately.
  5. This Axelmania thing is getting out of hand.
  6. Everyone is a certified joke during this IC title clusterf*ck.
  7. Next week, I’m going to steal the IC title. This way I’ll be in the match.
  8. New Day has momentum to finally be New?
  9. Randy Orton needs to give his shoot promo again on all the champions.
  10. Bray has found the URN!!!
  11. Thievery is an art!
  12. Roman Reigns had to take a day to digest what Paul Heyman said.
  13. Jack Swagger – 0, Accolade – 2093
  14. Gimmick infringement is real, brother. Lawsuit pending.
  15. Three weeks left…watch more turns than a spinning car.