15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 3/27/15

WWE Smackdown 3/27/15 – The Recap and Predictions

  1. I feel like I was watching the low-light instead of highlights.
  2. Daniel Bryan still has the POWAH
  3. Roman Reigns is not reigning in crowd reactions.
  4. John Cena, you’ve been replaced by a Samoan.
  5. WWE Lesnarmania. Wait for it.
  6. The Bellas vs The Kardashians…book it!
  7. Nikki, you’ve only defended that belt twice and NOT EVEN DEFENDING IT AT MANIA!
  8. No deadman sighting. Wrestlemania 20 all over again.
  9. How’s this? Since WWE Smackdown was a highlight show, as well as random AXXESS stuff, here’s my mania predictions.
  10. Ryback wins.
  11. Cena Wins.
  12. Taker Wins.
  13. Lesnar Wins.
  14. Tyson and Cesaro wins.
  15. Bryan Wins.