15 Things I Learned from WWE Smackdown – 3/19/15

WWE Smackdown 3/19/15 – Wrestlemania BETTER Be Good!

  1. Mercury loves to fly…into an RKO.
  2. Interspecies?! It’s a guy in a flipping bull outfit!!!
  3. Win or lose, all 6 people involved in the 6-man Intergender/Interspecies match lost points.
  4. Big dog looks like a puppy going into this Lesnar match.
  5. Barrett, you haven’t had the IC title for weeks. Get used to it.
  6. Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler stole the show.
  7. You cannot keep out snakes!
  8. It’s like WWE is trying to salvage storylines out of this PPV.
  9. I can say, ‘Brie Mode’ louder.
  10. Mark Henry took a nap instead of wrestle tonight.
  11. Don’t cut great promos, you’ll get held back.
  12. Don’t be an amazing wrestler/seller. You’ll lose a main event spot to big guys.
  13. Bryan better be careful on that neck. That suplex looked nasty.
  14. I still feel like Smackdown is a recap show.
  15. Think: If Cena wins and Bryan wins, then WWE wins altogether. Lesnar could disappear and the 2 titles look like the WWE and World Heavyweight championships again.