15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 9/23/13

  1. Justin Roberts has the gift of foresight, so that was not a mishap on the introduction of Triple H.
  2. So, it’s not 100% heel, but tweener C.O.O?
  3. Wait, Vickie had an 11 on 3 concept…but Hunter’s idea is good for business. Can you say double standard?
  4. Nothing in Big Show’s wrestling contract says that he has to knock people out in segments of the show.
  5. So Randy walking like he has a broom up his ass? Viper’s back…hope there’s no shovel or another face turn.
  6. The RAW roster has to prove that it isn’t the weak link.
  7. When CM Punk is pissed, cheer. It will ruin the perfect bad mood.
  8. Paul Heyman is that annoying zit that you want to pop…not that it’s annoying, but because it’s big.
  9. Every diva was in the ring. I’m not sure why, because only four of them were involved in the match.
  10. Cody Rhodes got fired and is petitioning for his job. He brought his brother for added support.
  11. Where’s the Goldberg chants at Roman Reigns?
  12. So, Brie has to choose a snake or a goat…check that Zodiac!
  13. It is confirmed. The most over face will ALWAYS win the WWE App polls.
  14. Steph, no more talks about peaking early.
  15. I will end all arguments and conversations with, “It’s best for business.”