15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 9/22/14

  1. Dean Ambrose is the Great Houdini.
  2. When you have a problem with Seth Rollins, be prepared to chase.
  3. Nikki, she was born the same time as you. Her last name is yours.
  4. Dean Ambrose is going to get locked up each episode.
  5. Cena vs Orton has happened 9000 times and Cena still missed a shoulder block?!
  6. Lose to Rusev at a PPV and you’ll pass out on Monday Night Raw.
  7. Miz, see what happens when you show someone else’s ass aside from your own?
  8. Zeb bo-lieved in the people.
  9. Dat Bunny has hops!
  10. Rusev has short patience while crushing.
  11. Titus needs to wear the Gator suit.
  12. Keep calm…the champ is not here.
  13. Brock Lesnar is taking time off to get his skin color back. Red and purple was scary.
  14. Big announcement….the game that we already knew about.
  15. Security guards are going to be fired for Ambrose’s escape.

Lunatics are epic!!!