15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 9/15/14

  1. Florida is a foreign country.
  2. Been a minute since I saw that belt. Forgot what it looked like.
  3. Memento to D’Lo Brown. Sky High is alive.
  4. Cameron needs more than NXT. She needs the Wrestling for Dummies book.
  5. Plug the podcast right or Stone Cold will stun the team.
  6. Cena tried to get Brock back for the busted lip.
  7. Green, Yellow, Black, Red. Too many colors.
  8. Lesnar has more suplexes.
  9. We have full blown Cena chants?! Thanks, Paul Heyman.
  10. R-Ziggler?!
  11. Half-time?! Season premier?! WWE, make up your mind!
  12. So, we KNOW that part of the production crew was watching the game.
  13. There’s a lot of skipping in this show.
  14. If ya smell what $9.99 Rock is cookin? It’s legendary.
  15. Cena speaks Khali. Khali speaks Cena. Superman like Giant.