15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 9/1/14

  1. Don’t forget, Lana, even Rusev benefits from Labor Day. You do also, but you always have.
  2. We had a 2 week streak from Putin. There’s a reason, Bo.
  3. Apparently, Heath Slater is now blackballed from Omega Psi Phi.
  4. Superman has lawyers!!! Guess he’s gonna sue the kryptonite creator.
  5. Nikki listened to Kelly Rowland’s last CD.
  6. Stephanie should be Divas Champion since NO diva can out-stage her without her throwing her weight around.
  7. Randy is that guy who talks trash with Daddy, his uncle and his brother around, but when the bully from the playground shows up, nothing.
  8. Seth, just wait until someone finds Dean Ambrose.
  9. Did we seriously cut to a commercial after a signature move was done? Well, we know that the match wasn’t ending during commercial.
  10. Stephanie better be careful handling AJ.
  11. So, we’re seriously building a feud off high school shenanigans? This is really the reality era.
  12. Somewhere out there, there is a guy who is laughing and getting paid while sitting at home.
  13. Paige has adopted the skip.
  14. So, if Seth cashes that briefcase in on Cena, we know what will happen.
  15. Next week, Randy Orton cries to get his win over Roman.

Superman is steamrolling, divas getting buried, dirty laundry being aired, and more……