15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 8/4/14 but NOT ON THE WWE NETWORK

  1. Fingers to the throat is very effective. Ask Bray
  2. Brie reminding Stephanie that Orange is the New Black.
  3. Brock Lesnar will never mention Extreme Rules 2012, no matter how much profanity he wants to use.
  4. I want to be in Heath Slater’s band! We need one more person to make it 3 again.
  5. Dean Ambrose is going after Chris Jericho’s, “King of the Trolls,” title.
  6. Piece of trash, Brie? Lesnar lifted the profanity ban, honey. Go with it!
  7. Beyonce could’ve borrowed some plugs from tonight’s show. This way, her shows don’t kill arenas like the Superdome.
  8. JBL is worse than the Sham-wow guy!
  9. RVD got paid just to stand in the ring. He should’ve joined the band.
  10. Bo Dallas bo-lieved again.
  11. Triple H raising Stephanie’s hand like, “This is how I get my money.”
  12. So, the “viper” is back. He never left?
  13. Kane wants his suit back.
  14. Cosmic Key is NOT RYBAXEL!!
  15. WWE is crazy about this network that they didn’t realize Slater and Ziggler won matches tonight.

So, what do you think about the WWE NETWORK!!!!